PUG Portable Cutting Machine

Product Image (HMP-PUG)

HMP Make Pug Cutting Machine, Stag

Price: 13500.00 - 15000.00 INR/Piece

HMP Stag Machine Cutter STAG Its an Injector Type Versatile Cutting Machine Capable of Cuts any length straight line, square Cuts (up to 75 mm thick MS) bevel cuts circle cuts 75- 1140 mm diameter)Cutting Speed - 200-800mm/min Speed Control- Resistant Control Gas Hose Connection- 1/4"BSP RH & LH, Resistance to Back fire Conform to IS 7653.

Product Image (Esab-Pug)

Esab Pug Cutting Machine, Without Track

Price: 19500.00 - 22500.00 INR/Piece

PUG NM cutting machine used for straight line as well as circle cutting also. It moves on its own track for straight-line cutting and performs circle cutting with the help of circle cutting attachment. This machine is compatible with Nozzle Mix torch.


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