Industrial Gas Regulator

The Single Stage Regulator is offered by us that reduces the cylinder pressure down to an adjustable pressure output. The regulator is designed for when you have a consistent pressure supply. It is suggested where inlet pressure does not fluctuate greatly or where periodic readjustment of delivery pressure does not present a problem. The regulator shows little sink with varying flow rates, but a relatively hefty supply pressure effect. It reduces cylinder pressure to delivery or outlet pressure in one step. The Single Stage Regulator is available in various designs and specifications. They are easy to install and have an efficient performance.
The Double Stage Regulator supplied by us that is used to manage gas flow from gas cylinders to operate equipment and instruments. The regulator functions to supplementary decrease pressure to a usable level for appliance demand. This is designed to decrease and control high pressure from a source to a lower manageable and workable pressure for further uses. The offered regulator reduces cylinder pressure in two steps. The double stage regulator is made for use in applications which call for a steady pressure. The regulator is made for use in the various industries as per the need.

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